Crucified, Resurrected and Coming Again

CalvaryEaster. Springtime.  New life.

In remembrance of Jesus’ work at Calvary.

The old English expression for the word Good meant Holy.  Holy Friday.  Good Friday.  A very dark day for Jesus Christ.  A day that had to be.  Without the death of Jesus there could be no resurrection.  There would be no joyful celebration on Easter Sunday.  There would be no fulfillment of God’s eternal plan for the whole world.  There would be no John 3:16.  Friday.  Jesus went to the cross for all of us.  Jesus died on the cross. He died for the human race for our sins past and present. His death paid a debt we could never pay on our own.  Good Friday is a time we should not only remember Jesus’ work on the cross, but take the day and meditate on, read scriptures of His death and pray; all the while giving thanks to our Lord and Savior.  Jesus’ last words on the cross were “It is finished.”  His life and work here on earth for his Father was completed.   He walked the earth seeking the lost and saving lives.  He loved beyond measure, he was above the word compassionate, his healing powers were much more than amazing, his teachings were wondrous and he spoke with bold authority.  We don’t know all Jesus did while he was here and John tells us in chapter 21 there would not be enough room in the the world to hold all the books it would take to tell of Jesus’  ministry.

What about Saturday? Max Lucado calls it Silent Saturday.

Jesus is silent on Saturday. The women have anointed his body and placed it in Joseph’s tomb. The cadaver of Christ is as mute as the stone which guards it. He spoke much on Friday. He will liberate the slaves of death on Sunday. But on Saturday, Jesus is silent. ~M.Lucado

This Saturday is also known as Holy Saturday, Easter Eve and The Last Day of Lent.  It was the day of rest for Jesus as his work was truly finished.  He had made atonement for our sin, conquered death,  taken the keys of hell with triumph over Satan!  On this day we await Sunday, the day of resurrection, the day we celebrate Easter and we give thanks for the light that has overcome darkness.

Holy Saturday was the day between the promise and the fulfillment of the promise. Jesus had not only predicted He would be crucified, but also that He would rise from the dead. Our salvation is based on that promise.” ~Rev. Margaret Minnicks

Sunday.  He has risen indeed.  Jesus is not dead.  He is alive!

 Easter Sunday.  A great celebration of LIFE!  A time to rejoice.  Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.  And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.” John 11:25-26.  We have life and eternal life because of the great love our heavenly Father has for us.  The free gift of life.  When you are saved by the Grace of God through His Son, you are given this life.  Jesus’ resurrection gives purpose, forgiveness, confidence and power.  Resurrection power that will help you to overcome any situation, problem or trial this world can throw at you.  His work on the cross from Friday to Sunday gives peace that surpasses all understanding and joy unspeakable.  The resurrection is the glorious victory for every believer. Jesus arose and on Easter we rejoice because we know that He is coming again!  When He returns on “that day”, the dead in Christ will be raised up, and those who remain and are alive at His coming will be changed and receive new, glorified bodies 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is our reason for accepting Him for salvation. It demonstrated that God accepted Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. It proves that God has the power to raise us from the dead and it is the assurance that those who believe in Christ will not remain dead, but will be resurrected unto eternal life. That is our blessed hope!

Sunday.  He has risen indeed.  Jesus is not dead.  He is alive!

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