Space Pics


Astronaut Scott Kelly shared more than 1.000 pictures from the space station and wow…they are amazing!
Sunrise from Space
God’s Magnificent Glory – click the picture to see more of Astronaut Kelly’s images.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Mr. Kelly’s space pictures from his year-long visit to the space station, take a few minutes and browse these most wonderful and amazing sights. I thank God for Mr. Kelly and the technology we have today because he was able to share his experience with the world on a daily basis! At one point Kelly had 900,000 followers on Twitter. No doubt they will all miss his tweets from space! First look at these pictures and reading a few of Mr. Kelly’s awesome stories it made me remember as a young child how I wanted to go to outer space. His journey has allowed all of us earthlings to take a peek into the unknown without having to leave our couch!

The first Bible verse that came to mind was Romans 1:20 for God’s invisible qualities and divine power are surely to be seen in these images and we are truly without excuse for knowing, serving and loving our Heavenly Father.

Take a leap and explore new possibilities! #GoodMorning & Happy #LeapDay from@space_station!

— Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) February 29, 2016

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