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In a world where it seems everything is turning upside-down and day to day life becomes increasingly difficult to understand, there is always some “good” news to share.

Check back as I will be posting good stuff here.  News to share! News to brighten your day.  Stories to give a lift in your spirit and a put smile on your face.

We can always use “News To Share!”

I heard this story on the Called 2 Action radio show while driving home from work.  My heart was touched with great joy.  A story about six young men who gave of their time and a blessed, selfless act of kindness.  I praise God and give Him all the Glory.  The One who works through others to make a difference in this world.  May God shower multiple blessings on these men!

6 Boys at a FuneralButton

Astronaut Scott Kelly shared more than 1.000 pictures from the space station and wow…they are amazing!
Sunrise from Space
God’s Magnificent Glory – click the picture to see more of Astronaut Kelly’s images.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Mr. Kelly’s space pictures from his year-long visit to the space station, take a few minutes and browse these most wonderful and amazing sights. I thank God for Mr. Kelly and the technology we have today because he was able to share his experience with the world on a daily basis! At one point Kelly had 900,000 followers on Twitter. No doubt they will all miss his tweets from space! First look at these pictures and reading a few of Mr. Kelly’s awesome stories it made me remember as a young child how I wanted to go to outer space. His journey has allowed all of us earthlings to take a peek into the unknown without having to leave our couch!

The first Bible verse that came to mind was Romans 1:20 for God’s invisible qualities and divine power are surely to be seen in these images and we are truly without excuse for knowing, serving and loving our Heavenly Father.

Take a leap and explore new possibilities! #GoodMorning & Happy #LeapDay from@space_station!

— Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) February 29, 2016

Prayer and Coffee

I absolutely love coffee.  It’s just my thing.  Most everyone who knows me can attest to this fact.  It’s just good stuff!  I also love prayer.  I am so thankful I can have a personal relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ and that he is always there to listen to my prayers! So while surfing around one day, I saw a headline about coffee and prayer, so I knew right away, I needed to check this article out.  I hope you will too because it is not only well written but it is the Great Work of God!  There are days when I ponder God’s work and when I read stories like this one…I am immediately touched by God and His Holy Spirit and I am assured from my Heavenly Father that is working and in control at all times.  God is touching others when I can’t see it and I can shout the victory because my God is Real!

The article is by Thomas Rusert an associate pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Doylestown, Pa.  and I thank God for his Thursday at the coffee shop!  Take a moment to read his article and you will be blessed.  Link below:

Why I offer “free prayer” in a coffee shop | Faith and Leadership

I drink coffee only on Thursdays. This is partly because I am a weirdly patterned person. It’s also because I feel insecure ordering my preferred tea at a coffee shop; it’s like ordering a salad at a steakhouse. But the main reason I drink coffee on Thursdays is because that’s the day I take a little sign that says “Free Prayer”and sit at a local coffee shop for a few hours. ~Thomas Rusert

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