An Ominous Sign

An Ominous Sign

After the Supreme Court decides not to hear a challenge to a law that forces pharmacies to dispense Plan B, Justice Samuel Alito warns of ‘ominous sign.’

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Source: Alito: Value Religious Freedom? You Should Be Worried

Choices, freedom and common sense.

My cell phone provider tells me it is their policy that if I purchase a 7G data plan and go over the allotted amount purchased, I will be charged extra.  I actually understand this.  Plain and simple.  If I go over the 7Gs, I will have to pay the extra costs.  I do not file a lawsuit or stir up controversy because I did not adhere to the phone provider’s policy.  If I don’t agree with the cell provider’s policy then I simply find another cell provider to meet my needs.

My employer tells me it is their policy that I can have two paid vacation days dependent on the  amount of hours I work.  I understand this.  Plain and simple.  If I take a third day and I don’t get paid, I suffer the consequences.  I do not file a lawsuit against my employer because the employer has set rules ahead of time.  If I don’t like their rules or I don’t want to comply, then I simply find another job.

One time a few years back I had the flu with a very bad cough.  No over-the-counter medications or cough syrups were easing my cough.  I spoke with my physician and he called in a prescription to my favorite drug store.  I then drive over to my favorite pharmacy and the pharmacist tells me, “I do not have this medicine in stock, but I have faxed your script over to another store”.  Now I did not want to drive to another store, but I did because my cough was so terrible.  Upon arrival at the next pharmacy I was told the very same thing.  They too did not have this medicine in stock.  When I complained that this was my 2nd stop the lady behind the counter very nicely offered to make a few phone calls for me.  In fact, she did find the medicine, but I would have to drive clear across town.  Now by this time I am a bit aggravated!  But….because I want to get some sleep, I go over to yet another pharmacy.  No use to file a lawsuit because my favorite pharmacy did not have the medicine in stock.  No use to make a fuss.  No use to ask why neither pharmacy did not have the medicine in stock.

I am not trying make light of this situation and by all means if a life is in danger….oops, I believe I need to step back.  Of course a life is in danger!  If a pharmacy sells the “morning after” pill , a life….a precious life would be gone.  As you can tell by this statement I am pro life.  That is my choice and I am grateful to live in a country where I can make my own choices.  The owners of the pharmacy in the article above are also pro life. This is their choice and it is their store and freedom to carry what products they want to sell.  Maybe they don’t like Coca-Cola products. Maybe they only sell Pepsi products.  If I want a Coke, I have to go to the pharmacy or grocery store across the street. It’s that simple.  According to the article, court documents stated the pharmacist referred the person who needed this pill to another pharmacy and it just happens that there are 30 other pharmacies within the surrounding area.  But instead of the customer just getting in their car and driving to the other store, they decided to find out “why” this pharmacy did not carry the morning after pill.  When the customer(s) found out it was against the family owned store’s belief to carry the morning after pill, the customer took recourse against the pharmacy.  Because the customer could not purchase what he/she wanted when they wanted it.  Their actions could cause this family to lose it’s license which is providing the community with a service that others enjoy.  Maybe it’s their favorite pharmacy!

Now, I do not believe a matter like this should have to make it all the way to the Supreme Court, but to see the Justices not take a case after hearing the facts??? Where has common sense gone?

So, to stay true to my website – “My Lesson of Love” is that we will all continue to pray for our country and our leaders, especially the Supreme Court Justices.  These judges are unlike the President and can serve terms as long as 30 years or even more.  Let’s continue to pray for our fellow citizens of this wondrous land.  Let’s pray others would try to live out the golden rule.  Let’s love one another.  And especially pray for women who would seek to take or even need the morning after pill.

As I listened to Steve Noble of Called to Action Radio on my way home today, like many other days when I listen to the news…I am saddened.  I am not one to debate or argue with anyone because honestly, I love everyone one and I want us to all get along.  It just breaks my heart because our nation seems more and more divided everyday.  I love the USA and I will continue to stand for what our country was founded on.  I believe in our pledge to this country and if we don’t stand united, we will surely fall.  Steve Noble said it best, “if you want freedoms you must believe in all freedoms”.


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